All Saints Athletic Association

Mission Statement

At All Saints Catholic Community, we believe it is of great importance that all students have the opportunity to participate in sports. Therefore, we encourage all students to participate in a variety of sports in which they can compete without overextending themselves.
We also believe that while winning is a desirable outcome of a game, it should not be the sole reason for playing the contest. Rather, personal involvement and
development by all team members should be the goal, and through participation in sports, these members are better able to realize their potential.
Related to our goals of personal development, we hope that our young people learn self-discipline, the importance of teamwork and group responsibility, and the idea that participation in sports should promote results that are not always directly associated with athletics.
Since All Saints is a Catholic Parish, our programs should promote Christian values within the competitive spirit. These values include: integrity, leadership, and personal respect and concern for one’s teammates, competitors, and coaches. These are not derived from the nature of the sport, but are a vital part of the Christian environment.
Therefore, the essence of our All Saints Athletic programs are the development of our young students, not just as athletes, but as young people who will become future leaders of our community. Through their participation in sports, and with the guidance of their coaches, our young people will become well-rounded individuals who can accept the challenge and understand the importance of fair play in victory or defeat.

All Saints Athletic Association

The All Saints Athletic Association is its own entity. The Association does not rely on the school or the church for its funding, but will take donations. All sport function fundraisers are initiated through the All Saints Athletic Association, which is made up of All Saints parents or parishioners willing to devote their time and energy to better the athletic program at All Saints.

The following sports are offered at All Saints:


  • Cross Country – Grades K-8
  • Soccer – Grades 1-8
  • Volleyball – Girls Grades 3-8 and HS (Added Grade 3 in 2017-18)
  • Football – Boys Grades 5-8
  • Flag Football – Boys Grades 3-4 (NEW 2016-17)
  • Cheer – Girls Grades 5-8


  • Basketball – Grades 3-8 and HS
  • Wrestling – Boys Grades 4-8


  • Soccer – Grades 1-8
  • Track and Field – Grades 4-8
  • Softball – Girls Grades 3-8

Player Eligibility

A. Elementary School- All players must attend All Saints School or be a member of the parish and attend PREP. The ASAA and Priest must approve any exception to this.

B. High School- All players must be members of the parish. The All Saints Athletic Association must approve any exception to this.

C. All eligible participants must register by the designated sign-up date in order to be placed on a team.

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