Thanks to the past, current and future coaches who volunteer their time and energy to make CYO athletics possible for the youth at All Saints Catholic in Rossford.

Requirements for Coaching*:

  1. 5 Year – Background check (Virtus): Contact AD and Parish Compliance Officer
  2. 1 Year – CYO Certification Training (Schedule)*: 2019-20 cert schedule & reg
  3. 3 Year – Concussion Training (Instructions): Concussion Training
  4. 1 Year – Sudden Cardiac Arrest (Lindsay’s Law) Sudden Cardiac Arrest (Lindsay’s Law)

Link to Diocese of Toledo CYO Coaches Certification:

Link to CYO Coaches Certification including Sudden Cardiac Arrest Training: Coaches Certification Link

*Process change starting 2018-19:

Coaches are asked to complete the registration form for themselves so the CYO Office will have accurate contact information as well as the correct date of class for which the coach plans to attend.  This form should then be submitted to the Athletic Director – the AD will submit to the parish Compliance Officer so that he/she can verify the date of the coach’s latest background check, concussion and SCA training, CYO certification on the form and initial it, then forward to the CYO Office (with proper payment). The All Saints Athletic Association will pay the certification fees.

No coach will leave certification class with a lanyard if he or she registers the day of the class and/or does not have a current successful background check entered in Virtus, a current Concussion Awareness Certificate of Completion and a current Sudden Cardiac Arrest Certificate of Completion on file in the CYO Office.

Certification Registration Form: Coaches Registration Form

Forms for Coaches and Commissioners:

  1. Coaches’ Eligibility and Responsibilities 2014Coaches
  2. Code of Ethics 2014CodeOfEthicsAppendix4
  3. Team Entry Form 2014TeamEntryFormAppendix5
  4. Roster Entry Form 2014RosterFormAppendix11
  5. Late Roster Form 2014LateRosterAddFormAppendix18
  6. Injury Report  2015-2016 CYO Injury Report
  7. Link to all Diocese of Toledo CYO forms

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